Upcoming Workshops

Extraordinary Importance of Sleep Workshop | Sharon Hammer

Learn about the extraordinary importance of sleep on your physical, mental and emotional well being. This two hour workshop is ideal for medical and mental health providers and anyone who wants to learn about the importance of sleep, the detrimental impact of poor or inefficient sleep, and tips and practices for increasing the likelihood of getting a good night’s sleep.  

If you have questions, contact Sharon Hammer at [email protected] or text 312.965.0245

Sharon Hammer Longevity Event in 2024

Interested in living a long healthy and happy life? Want to know about compressed morbidity? Join Sharon Hammer for this two hour workshop. The first hour we’ll discuss how to live a long healthy fulfilling life. This part of the workshop will include the latest research on how people are living long past their expected life expectancies. We will address the physical, mental, emotional and social attributes that contribute to a long healthy life. The second hour will include specific movement practices designed to keep you mobile and agile for as long as possible. This practice will be suitable for everyone. No experience in movement practices is necessary. No one wants to sit in a nursing home waiting around to die. You want to live right up until you die. Learn how in this workshop.  

Space is limited. Register at: Direct questions to Sharon Hammer at [email protected]